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Tube laser cutting

Fast. Accurate. Dynamic.

If you can think of it, we can achieve it. At Nitro Cutting, our fully-equipped tube lasers allow us to expand our range of capabilities by easily cutting metal shapes from any stock—round, square, flat, angle, and channel, increase feed rates with RapidCut Technology, create bevel cuts up to 45°, and achieve clean and accurate connection points. With tube laser cutting, you gain the ability to hold tight tolerances on complex laser cut geometry yielding precision components ready for assembly, welding, finishing, and fabrication. This new technology allows for reliable, repeatable constructing techniques that help streamline production while reducing costs.


In just one operation, you can create complex contours, tap threads, and cut tubes to custom lengths—saving time and money compared to conventional sawing, milling, and drilling.


Our tube lasers include state-of-the-art sensors that can detect weld seams and material profiles ensuring the machining process runs smoothly.


Cutting tubes and profiles using lasers opens up completely new avenues in design that were previously impossible using conventional processes.

Material Specs

Max Raw Material Loading Length: 30ft
Max Finished Part Length: 21ft
Max Diameter: 10in
Max Wall Thickness: 0.4in


Mild Steel | Stainless Steel | Aluminum | Copper | Brass | Titanium | Galvanized


Round | Square | Oval | Angle | Channel | Extrusion

“We were able to decrease cost and shorten our lead time by developing a custom tube cutting solution with Nitro. It made our workflow smoother and removed the headache of having to deal with multiple vendors and pricing.”

- Industrial Client

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